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About Us

Our Story

It all started in 1986 when a young boy married a dairy girl right off the farm. This young couple built a new little red barn, and from there, a legacy began. Together the two of them bought a few cows and started milking them. It wasn’t long before they had more milk than they needed. They started selling to friends and family.

Expanding an Idea!

In 2002 they became certified to sell Raw milk and family named the small business Finney Farm creating a small business that could sell a quality product to the public.

Our Swiss Cows

After going to the Big World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin in 2004, the couple decided they wanted to get some Brown Swiss cattle so they could have the best milk possible. This change took time. They drove to Idaho soon after and started with a modest herd of five Brown Swiss cows.

Going Further

After seeing and tasting the difference, Finney Farm knew five was just not enough. They slowly increased the heard with the best quality stock. 

The Future is Bright

By 2016 the herd had grown to about one hundred cows!  With that many cows giving them such rich milk it was only logical to share some more. In 2016 they built a cheese plant so they could start selling all across southern Utah.

All of this started with one family cow, a little red barn,  and the desire to make the best dairy products for their family. Now Finney Farm wants to share the best of their farm with you!

The Future is Bright

In the fall of 2017, Finney farm was able to open a second store location in New Harmony Utah. Finney Farm is growing and will continue to provide quality RAW milk product long into the future. 


What's Fresh

From Our Family to Yours

It all started with a family cow and a desire to make the best dairy products for our family. Now we want to share that goodness with yours. Finney Farm prides itself on fresh raw milk and raw milk products. As part of a growing family ourselves, we understand the need for proper nutrition and quality foods.


Raw Milk

 Unlike pasteurized milk, that loses beneficial bacteria, food enzymes, natural vitamins, and immunoglobulins during pasteurization, Finney Farm Raw milk contains all the healthy benefits your body needs.

Raw Cheeses

Finney Farm offers a variety of raw Artisan cheeses. All crafted by hand and infused with natural flavor then they are aged to perfection. 


Raw milk yogurt is very nutritious and satisfying. Our yogurt couples the enzymatic and probiotic components of both fresh milk and fermentation in one tummy craving, creamy, treat.

Frozen Yogurt

With new flavors made fresh each day,  Finney Farm’s frozen yogurt is the dessert for any occasion. You will this creamy treat so stop by and grab one today. 

Featured Recipe

Gooey Cheesy Enchilada

With Finney Farm's Raw milk and Cheddar Cheese, this dinner is sure to delight the whole family. It is the perfect meal to enjoy around the table with family.


Whole Truth about Raw Milk

Whole Truth about Raw Milk

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Beauty in Small Farming Things

Beauty in Small Farming Things

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Breakfast Ideas

Heat up your mornings with a bowl of warm cereal. Whether you prefer oatmeal, farina, or any other kind of porridge, make your instant version a bit creamier!

Add Some Fruit

Did you know, that people who eat fruit as part of an overall healthy diet generally have a reduced risk of chronic diseases? USDA's MyPlate encourages making half your plate fruits and vegetables for healthy eating.
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