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Our Newest Addition!

Our Newest Addition!

A little about Lucy. Her mother is Clover, everyone’s favorite cow. She was born in the middle of the night, January 31st. We were afraid she would be a bull because typically if the calf is a heifer it is born a few days early. Twins are usually a couple weeks early but she waited to come at the very end of her due date. She was one of those calves that farmers love to see. We use the term “hit the ground, running.” She was on her feet within thirty minutes looking for dinner. She has a very noticeable personality, very determined and as the girls that feed her say, she’s very demanding and yes, a lot of spunk. That vigor is so important to the growth and health of a new calf. She has a big white spot on her right flank and a “tornado” on her forehead. If we didn’t already have a calf named Allie we could have named her “Tornado Allie”. I don’t know, a cow named Tornado might not be that fun to milk.


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