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Kricker Wins Gold

Kricker Wins Gold

Gold medal winner in the Alpine cheese category.

This delicious cheese is our own creation, made with thermophilic culture used in making Asiago. It is a natural (no color added), mild, versatile cheese that can be used in just about anything.  Pasta, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, or enjoyed in snacks and cheese plates etc…  We chose the name “Kricker” from the location of our farm. We are located on the banks of Short Creek and if you are from our community, you are lovingly referred to as a Kricker. So, maybe a little hometown pride comes with this cheese. It wasn’t a big surprise that this cheese won a gold medal, it is a family favorite and fast becoming our most popular cheese. We have sold it as a young, mild cheese or with a little age, a year or more and both are delicious. Those out there so inclined, we would love some feedback as to which wine would pair well with this cheese. Enjoy.